Open Compute: The Perks Of Converged Infrastructure, No Proprietary B.S. | #OCPSummit

Valentina Craft | Silicon Angle | February 4, 2014

The fifth edition of the Open Compute Project Summit took place on January 28 and 29 in San Jose, California. Day one kicked off with Frank Frankovsky’s opening remarks. The Chairman and President of OCP Foundation presented the “Open Compute Project: 2014 and Beyond”, explaining to the audience what the event is going to focus on and what to expect from the following speakers.

Applying open source principles to the hardware space
Recounting the Open Compute Project history, Frankovsky began: “Back in 2007 we planted a few seeds: basically, we wanted to know what would happen if we applied open source principles to the hardware space.” He was pleased to anounce that today “there are more than 350 people registered.”

“We have more than 150 members, a cross of suppliers and customers, with some significant new members,” said Frankovsky. Of these new members, the OCP Foundation President singled out Microsoft, Panasonic, IBM, Box, Io, Bloomberg, Cumulus Network, and highlighted “the great progress in self-organized communities such as Japan.” The Japan chapter of open compute launched about a year ago and at the present moment there are over 50 members in Japan alone. Frankovsky admits that the “international expansion has been overwhelming,” and “the Foundation continues to grow.”