CTO Dieterich Lawson Heads to Stanford

Francesca Garrett | Medic Mobile | July 29, 2011

In 2009, Dieterich Lawson was the lone developer for Medic Mobile, a then unknown start-up in the nascent mobile health space. Today, he leaves Medic Mobile as our first ever Chief Technology Officer, and the creator of a suite of tools that has impacted thousands of lives in fifteen countries around the world.

Dieterich joined our team while still a student at Lewis & Clark. Within six months, he decided to put his academic career on hold to join the company full time. “You can spend your time writing iPhone apps, but Medic Mobile offered me the opportunity to actually help people. That was beyond cool,” he says.

That help took the form of three tools, PatientView, the OpenMRS messaging module, and TextForms, that would form the heart of what we do at Medic Mobile. “Without execution, ideas are worthless. Dieterich worked tirelessly to bring our products to life. He paved the way, showing us that it is possible for a young organization to recruit top talent focused on social impact and moving a field forward,” says CEO Josh Nesbit.