Police Restrain Hungry Americans As Food Loaded Into Dumpsters

Staff Writer | Teamster Nation | April 7, 2013

In a scene reminiscent of a Dickens' novel, police recently held back poor, hungry Georgians as the bank-owned contents of a supermarket were dumped into the garbage.

SunTrust evicted the owner of Laney's supermarket from the building it owned, according to WJBF News. On March 23, poor community members helped remove the contents of the building and clean it up. The store owner told them they could help themselves to anything. Then, this:

Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of people were waiting outside of Laney Supermarket... all hoping to stuff garbage bags with free food. The merchandise was piled up outside of the building after the store owner was evicted early Tuesday morning. But before anyone could grab anything, the Sheriff showed up.