JustGiving Data Transfer More Efficient With Blood Cancer Charity’s New CRM Xtension

Lucy Smeddle | Charity Digital News | September 17, 2013

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, a UK-based blood cancer charity, has developed specialist CRM integration software that aims to make JustGiving data transfer more efficient. Developed as a free extension to the open source software system CiviCRM, the technology means that any charity using JustGiving can pull the data on donors and donations that come through JustGiving directly into their CRM system.

Most charities have supporters that use JustGiving to fundraise for them. This then requires a process of exporting and importing data into CRM systems that uses a great deal of staff time, allows for a great deal of human error and makes genuine communications, including thanking donors more difficult. It allows charity CRM teams to resolve any data issues directly in the system and to then push it easily to accounting software. It also has an option to soft credit the fundraiser with the donor’s contribution...