Public Forum discusses Open Development Initiatives in Nepal

Staff | Nepal News | June 12, 2012

An “Open Development Public Forum” was organised in the capital on Monday to discuss openness initiatives to promote transparency, accountability and citizen participation in development. The Forum was jointly organized by the Freedom Forum and World Bank Nepal.

“The World Bank is committed to keep pace with the fast paced developments of information technology in today’s world which has opened up frontiers of knowledge and made information accessible within seconds. As part of this modernization agenda, we have embarked on the Openness Initiative which means Open Bank, Open Development, Open Government,” said Tahseen Sayed, World Bank Country Manager for Nepal.

The Open Forum discussed three aspects of Open Development; Open Data and Knowledge, Open Operations and Tools and open solutions. Information was also shared on various tools and platforms like the Bank’s Open Data, Open Finances, Mapping for Results and Open Knowledge Repository as well as the Access to Information Policy which includes strengthening public ownership and oversight of Bank-financed operations.

These efforts towards fostering greater transparency and openness stems from a realization that open access to data and information empowers citizens, advocacy groups, civil society and their governments and policy makers to make better-informed decisions.