The New Learning Center, Free eBooks, And More

Jen Wike | | April 25, 2014 focused on stories about open source tools and systems for libraries and other open educational content from April 14 - 18. And before you curl up with your favorite book, we've got new eBooks for you to download and some discoveries from our Open Library Week that you'll want to bookmark—or 3D print.

We had some excellent stories about robust, heavy-weight open source tools that are strengthening our libraries, helping them transform from after-school detention centers (Breakfast Club, anyone?) or the best place for a nap—to happening, healthy, and alive meetup spots to make and learn new, innovative things!

Public libraries and schools across the globe are aquiring 3D printers and hosting maker groups. With their open source toolkits filled with Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, sensors, wires, cables, and more—these folks are transforming our libraries into an all-new kind of learning center...