Docker Libcontainer Unifies Linux Container Powers

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | ZDNet | June 11, 2014

At DockerCon in San Francisco, Docker CTO and co-founder Solomon Hykes announced that the company would work as full partners with its former container technology rivals on Docker's key open-source component libcontainer.

What makes this important, even vital, news to the larger world of system administrators, datacenter managers, and cloud architects, is that Google, Red Hat, and Parallels are now helping build the program. Indeed, they will work with Docker as core maintainers of the code. Canonical's Ubuntu container engineers will also be working on it.

In other words, libcontainer is well on its way to becoming the default standard for Linux-based containers. Indeed, if rumors are true that Microsoft is working on bringing Docker-based containers to its Azure cloud. Libcontainer enables containers to work with Linux namespaces, control groups, capabilities, AppArmor security profiles, network interfaces and firewalling rules in a consistent and predictable way...