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Author Collectives Signal a New Chapter for Self-publishing

Alison Flood | Guardian | April 30, 2012

With online groups working to sift out the hidden gems, and a New York co-operative instituting a 'seal of quality', is the world of independent publishing finally getting organised? Read More »

Dutch Libraries Go To Court To Make Sure They Can Lend Ebooks

Glyn Moody | Techdirt | July 9, 2013

As we've noted before, many publishers have the crazy attitude that ebooks shouldn't be lent by libraries, and that it should be made harder for people to access literature in these places if it's in a digital form. Read More »

Embracing Online Academic Publishing In The Age Of eBooks [University of Mass.]

Sandra Grey | UMass Medical School | October 12, 2012

As the prevalence of technology in academic publishing mushrooms, the Lamar Soutter Library at UMass Medical School has embraced the movement in higher education toward open access—free, unrestricted, online access to scientific and scholarly research—with open arms. Read More »

Hoopla Wants To Be A Free Netflix For Library Users

Laura Hazard Owen | GigaOM | July 24, 2013

Hoopla wants to make borrowing material from a library as convenient as streaming content on the web. The company, launching to the public today after several months in beta, offers patrons of participating libraries access to on-demand streaming movies and TV shows, as well as audiobooks and music that can be streamed or downloaded. Read More »

NASA's Massive Free E-Book Collection

Alexis C. Madrigal | The Atlantic | August 8, 2013

Who could resist Exploring Space With a Camera? Or Rockets and People, the autobiography of rocket designer Boris Chertok? Read More »

Norway Is Digitizing All Its Books And Making Them Free To Read Online

Adrianne Jeffries | The Verge | December 11, 2013

The National Library of Norway is digitizing all the books in its collection, processing the text to make it searchable, and making them available to read online. Read More »

Open Source Meets Textbook Publishing - Much Cash Freed Up

Richard Adhikari | LinuxInsider | August 22, 2013

What do you get when you take the open source approach and apply it to textbook publishing? Answer: a whole lot of happy students, thrilled at the chance to save a whole lot of cash... Read More »

OSU Libraries Offer Open Access Etextbooks To Students

Ian Chant | Library Journal | April 10, 2014

Oregon State University (OSU) is helping faculty produce their own open access textbooks for courses. The university press, an arm of the OSU libraries, is starting work on a series of open access e-textbooks that officials hope will ease the rising textbook costs that are a consistent cause of student complaints.

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Penguin Ebooks & The Research Works Act: Publishers Gain, Communities Lose

John Dupuis | ScienceBlogs | February 13, 2012

I was really angry riding home on the bus last Friday night. Not angry because the transit system here in Toronto is royally fudged in general or that transit to York University is fudged in particular. [...] It was the growing tendency of publishers of all sorts to try and take their works out of the public cultural commons and place them exclusively behind pay walls. Read More »

SciELO Announces Open Access eBook Collection From Brazil

Sue Polanka | No Shelf Required | March 15, 2013

Last Fall, I wrote about the SciELO ebook collection for Open Access Week. I just received this official press release announcing the collection of 300 open access ebooks from Brazil. The press release is also available in Espanol and Portugues. Read More »

The Death Of The Academic Book And The Path To Open Access

Roxanne Missingham | The Conversation | October 22, 2013

Is publishing academic books a dying trade? And if so, are free e-books from universities likely to deal the final blow? Read More »

The New Learning Center, Free eBooks, And More

Jen Wike | OpenSource.com | April 25, 2014

Opensource.com focused on stories about open source tools and systems for libraries and other open educational content from April 14 - 18. And before you curl up with your favorite book, we've got new eBooks for you to download and some discoveries from our Open Library Week that you'll want to bookmark—or 3D print.

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Three Free eBooks: Open Always Wins, Video Editing, And Open Source Thought Leaders

Staff Writer | opensource.com | October 21, 2013

Opensource.com free eBooks are one of the many ways we strive to share open source knowledge and passion for implementing it beyond technology (but there too)—in business, education, government, law, health, and other areas of our lives. Read More »

What Is The Future Of The Library? Bright When Digital!

Mercedes Bunz | Hybrid Publishing Lab | August 8, 2013

To sum it up: while all those libraries define their role quite differently, one thing is certain: digital technology is getting more and more important. This is what their plans are... Read More »