Firefox May Beat Google To A Web-Based Slate: Hello, Firefox OS Tablet

Kevin C. Tofel | GigaOM | January 17, 2014

Summary: I’ve been waiting for a web-based tablet and it looks like it’s coming soon. But it’s not the Chrome tablet I was expecting. Instead, meet the first slate in the Firefox OS tablet program.

I’ve been clamoring for a web-based tablet over the past year and one company is finally going to deliver it. Only it’s not from who I expected: Mozilla has a Firefox OS slate prototype in the works. Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler shared the tablet information on Thursday, where it was picked up by Liliputing.

Based on Dotzler’s post, the first tablet will have relatively meager hardware when compared to today’s high-end tablets. The 10.1-inch IPS display will only have 1280 x 800 resolution, for example. [...]