25th VistA Community Meeting

Event Details
June 4, 2012 - 7:00am - June 6, 2012 - 5:00pm
George Mason University
Fairfax Campus 4400 University Dr.
Fairfax, VA
United States
The 25th VistA Community Meeting is just a month away and again promises to be a very exciting and informative meeting. Presentations will cover all aspects of VistA, from the strategic with presentations by VA CIO Roger Baker and Michael O'Neill, Senior Advisor, VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2), Dr. Seung Ki Mun, the CEO of OSEHRA will speak about the extrordinary growth of the open source organization. Becky Monroe form the VA will talk about the enourmous repository to VistA knowleege and educational materials that have been made publicly available by the Va. Technical sessions will include presentations by Rob Tweed, George Lilly and K.S Bhaskar, and presentations by key VistA adopters. Stay tuned for regular updates.

Current list of speakers and topics:

  • Roger Baker, CIO, Department of Veterans Affairs. Interactive session about VA plans for VistA.
  • Michael O'Neill, Senior Advisor, VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2), Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Peggy J. Maddox, Profesor and Chair, Health Administration & Policy, George Mason University.
  • Becky Monroe, Director of Training Strategy, Office of Informatics and Analytics. Review of the Educational Resources Available for Community Use from the VA.
  • Seong Ki Mun, CEO, OSEHRA. Overview of the Progress of OSEHRA.
  • Luis Ibanez, Director of Science and IP, OSEHRA. VistA, Code Convergence, Collaboration Tools, Education of the Next Generation of VistA Experts.
  • Rick Marshall, VistA Expertise Network. VISTA Project Management.
  • Janusz Wojtusiak, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Administration and Policy, Director Center for Discovery Science and Health Informatics, George Mason University.
  • Phan Giang, Associate Professor, College of Health and Human Services, George Mason University.
  • Rohit Kumar, CEO, GTI Infotel. Implementation of VistA at JPNATC, All India Institute of Medical Science.

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For hotel accommodations, travel directions and to keep an eye on the conference agenda page for frequent updates at the following link.