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'Help Us Build Kick-ass Tablets': Mozilla Asks Devs To Get Involved With Firefox OS Slates

Liam Tung | ZDNet | January 24, 2014

If you're a developer who's good at spotting missing features, and have an itch to try out Mozilla's new tablets, it's time join the foundation's contributor program. Read More »

Firefox May Beat Google To A Web-Based Slate: Hello, Firefox OS Tablet

Kevin C. Tofel | GigaOM | January 17, 2014

I’ve been waiting for a web-based tablet and it looks like it’s coming soon. But it’s not the Chrome tablet I was expecting. Instead, meet the first slate in the Firefox OS tablet program. Read More »

Mozilla Lights Up Preorders For Firefox OS-Driven Flame

Seth Rosenblatt | CNET | May 27, 2014

Firefox OS fans across the globe can now preorder Flame, the Web-based mobile operating system's first official reference phone...

Read More »