An Election On Health Care And Costs

Edmund Billings | Medsphere | November 9, 2012

The recently concluded election was seen by many as a referendum on the 2010 Affordable Care Act, now widely known and even embraced by the president as Obamacare. President Obama’s re-election ensures that the implementation of reform will continue, but how a divided Congress deals with it while trying to control federal spending will remain an open question for some time.

On election night, CNN reported on exit polls showing an electorate very divided on Obamacare.  Swing states went mostly for repeal while the most populous states were solidly for expansion.

Exit polls in Ohio show 52% said they think the president’s health care reform law should be repealed completely or in part while 42% said it should be expanded or left as is … Iowa: 53% for change or repeal and 38% for leaving it or expanding it. New Hampshire: 50% for change or repeal and 47% for leaving it.  Colorado: 55 – 37% for change or repeal...