5 Healthcare Data Governance Best Practices

Sunil Soares | Government Health IT | January 31, 2012

Information governance is the formulation of policy to optimize, secure, and leverage information as an enterprise asset by aligning the objectives of multiple functions. In our experience, information governance practitioners face critical challenges in explaining the value to the business.

This article details the five best practices imperative to selling the value of information governance within healthcare:

1. Improve the reliability of data to support a 360-degree view of providers, members and patients. Healthcare organizations need to understand where providers practice, whom they refer to, and what patients they see. As a result, identity information such as name, provider identifier, state license number, Medicare number, Medicaid number is important to link multiple profiles of the same provider. It is also not uncommon for health plans to find that more than half of the contact information in their provider network directories is out-of-date...