The 1st AOU (Arab Open University) International Conference on Open Learning

Event Details
November 25, 2013 (All day) - November 27, 2013 (All day)

1st AOU International Conference on Open Learning: Role, Challenges, and Aspirations explores the future tools, techniques, and the challenges associated to the development of effective educational systems. This international conference on 'open' and blended learning will bring together a range of academics, researchers, practitioners, and decision makers from different countries and institutions. The conference will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the new trends in open learning and technology and solutions to the challenges of open learning.

Main Objectives

Increasing awareness about the importance of open learning and its role in development in the world and specifically in the Arab region. Provoking the interest in independent learning, and prepare the different educational system stakeholders for lifelong learningSpreading awareness about quality standards and quality assurance in open learning.Suggesting solutions to the different challenges (technological, psycho-social and bureaucratic) in open learning.

Benefits of the Conference

Exchange of local and international experiences in the open and blended learning; Motivation of interaction between academic staff, students, institutions and administrative; Familiarization with the new interactive multimedia applications that can be used in the open learning environment; Bringing together varied groups of people with different perspectives, seeking to bring top research practices together into one location, for the purposes of helping practitioners find ways to put open learning goals into practice


Workshops and open discussion panels will be held during the conference related to open learning. Topics will discuss four ideas from the following proposed ones:

  1. Cloud Computing Standards privacy, security, categorization, and coordination
  2. Strategic planning, designing, and building an interactive blended learning course
  3. Latest technologies about Video tools for teaching and learning
  4. Optimising feedback for student motivation and engagement