Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

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HIMSS Takes Over mHealth Summit

Eric Wicklund | Government Health IT | February 16, 2012

Last year, HIMSS became an organizing partner for the mHealth Summit, a three-day event in Washington D.C. that attracted a wide range of academics, providers and entrepreneurs interested in the mobile healthcare landscape. Officials of the Chicago-based organization must have liked what they saw – they now own the event. Read More »

Hospital CEOs Behaving Badly And The Devastating Consequences On The Middle Class

Dave Chase | Forbes | August 26, 2016

When big health insurers propose mergers, it makes for good antitrust enforcement theater to try to block them. However, if government officials want to address anti-competitive activities that have a dramatically bigger impact, they should shift their focus to local market provider M&A activity that consistently show prices increase after the deal is done. However, the most rapacious, anti-competitive practices I’ve seen in my entire career have come from hospitals–frequently from tax-exempt “nonprofits” that would make John D. Rockefeller blush with their brutal actions. The combined impact has created a middle class economic depression that has driven populist presidential campaign success, which was highlighted in a recently released Brookings study.

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Hospital Participation In ACOs To Double In 2014, Survey Says

Bernie Monegain | Government Health IT | December 19, 2013

Premier expects hospital participation in accountable care organizations to double in 2014, according to its fall 2013 Economic Outlook C-suite survey. Premier’s Economic Outlook highlights emerging economic and industry trends impacting alliance members and the industry. Read More »

How Fast is Health IT Spreading and What Are the Benefits

Chris Fleming | Health Affairs Blog | March 9, 2012

Adoption of health information technology (IT) throughout the health care system is “on the march,” according to Farzad Mostashari, the national coordinator for health IT. Nearly 2,000 US hospitals and more than 41,000 doctors have now met the standards for achieving meaningful use of health IT, and have received $3.1 billion in federal incentive payments as a result. Read More »

If Court Squashes 'Obamacare,' IT May Suffer: HIMSS

Nicole Lewis | Information Week | April 2, 2012

If the Supreme Court rules that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional, a number of health information technology-related provisions of the law will also fall, and that could disrupt health IT implementation plans, according Richard M. Hodge, senior director of Congressional Affairs at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). Read More »

It’s The System, Stupid: Reversing The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Edmund Billings | Medsphere | February 4, 2013

We should have seen it coming, really. It was entirely predictable, and the most recent RAND report proves it. We incentivized comprehensive IT adoption, making it easier to bill for every procedure, examination, aspirin, tongue depressor, kind word and gentle (or not) touch without first flipping the American healthcare paradigm on its head... Read More »

JAMA: Target Wasteful Spending, Not Care

Kaitlyn Dmyterko | Cardiovascular Business | March 15, 2012

While striving to provide the most innovative and valuable care to patients is the overarching goal of healthcare, the costs associated with this care are astronomical. Several strategies have been implemented into practice to curb these high expenditures, yet current healthcare costs are nearly 18 percent of the gross domestic product. Donald M. Berwick, MD, and Andrew D. Read More »

John Halamka Looks Back at 2014

2014 was quite a year. Thinking back to December 2013, I cannot believe that so much has happened. Let’s take a look at the major HIT events that shaped 2014 and what they portend for 2015 Read More »

Medical Data Security Increasing Concern For ACOs

Mark Terry | Fierce Health IT | May 13, 2014

As more providers adopt accountable care models--and take on the responsibility of facilitating medical data exchange--healthcare leaders are under increasing pressure to protect personal health information (PHI)...

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mHealth, Health IT Investment Break Records In Q1 Of 2014

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | April 8, 2014

Investment in mobile health and other health IT technologies has been off the charts during the first quarter of 2014, says a new report by Rock Health, continuing the meteoric rise of mobile health technologies funded by more traditional venture capitalists and newfangled crowd-funding campaigns.  Technology companies have already scooped up more than $700 million since January of 2014, representing an 87% year-over-year growth versus the same quarter last year.

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Moving Towards Transformational TeleHealth At Intermountain Healthcare

Mark Hagland | Healthcare Informatics | June 1, 2013

Wesley Valdes, D.O., telehealth services director at Intermountain Healthcare, sees the future of telehealth Read More »

Next Steps for ACOs

Robert A. Berenson and Rachel A. Burton | Health Affairs | January 31, 2012

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are networks of physicians and other providers that are held accountable for the cost and quality of the full continuum of care delivered to a group of patients...Will this new approach to health care delivery live up to the dual promises of reducing costs and improving quality of care? Read More »

ONC Looking To Beacons For Database Of Insights From HIT Frontier

Mary Mosquera | Government Health IT | January 3, 2012

The 17 Beacon communities around the country that have brought providers together within regions to use health IT and clinical interventions to elicit better patient care have each demonstrated measureable improvements, including for outcomes around chronic disease and preventive screenings. Read More »

Physicians aren’t connecting much to one another’s EHRs

Bob Cook | amednews | June 19, 2012

A report says few doctors are exchanging patient information electronically in any meaningful way, despite believing it’s important to have that capability. Read More »

Q&A: SCOTUS Ruling Could Spark ACO Uptake

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | June 29, 2012

While not often in the mainstream media coverage, among the Affordable Care Act provisions that promise to bring substantive improvements in care quality is the accountable care organization. Read More »