Q&A: SCOTUS Ruling Could Spark ACO Uptake

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | June 29, 2012

While not often in the mainstream media coverage, among the Affordable Care Act provisions that promise to bring substantive improvements in care quality is the accountable care organization. Now that the ACA is constitutional, the uncertainty over, the road has been cleared for existing and would-be ACOs to align with CMS’ Shared Savings Program.

Government Health IT Editor Tom Sullivan spoke with Donald Fisher, CEO of the American Medical Group Association about what that means for patients and physicians, the most important tweaks to make to the ACA moving forward, and what the ruling might mean in the November elections.

Q: What’s the general reaction from AMGA members, any surprise?
A: There’s a bit of surprise. On the one hand it’s a tax, on the other hand it’s not a tax. We support the decision and accept it. Members of the AMGA have been moving to transform the healthcare delivery system for decades, working very hard to align high-quality care that’s coordinated across all locations. So the marketplace is driving reform of the healthcare delivery system and that’s going to proceed. I don’t think it changes much...