Emergency & Disaster Preparedness and Response Mobile Platform

Winner of the 2016 FCC Chairman’s Awards for Advancements in Accessibility, SOS QR is a mobile platform developed by Humetrix for anyone facing an emergency to use and for individuals with chronic medical conditions, severe allergies, or special needs who are even more vulnerable in an emergency.

With the use of the app in an emergency anywhere around the world, individuals create and share the information they want emergency responders to know (such as a severe allergy, medications, conditions, emergency contacts, etc.), and can call for help with the use of an emergency call button all directly on their smartphones or smartwatch. The personal information record created with SOS QR is securely stored/ encrypted on the user’s smartphone so that it is available at any time even when no internet connection is available such as in a disaster scenario.

A de-identified copy of the SOS QR record is stored in a secure AWS cloud data storage system for any emergency responder to access with the scanning of the individual QR code associated with the user’s record, which can be stored on the phone’s lock screen, on their smartwatch, or printed on a wallet card.

The SOS QR platform sends alert notifications to the individual’s emergency contacts with the GPS location of the emergency when the profile’s unique QR code is scanned or by activation of the emergency call button.

Designed for international use, SOS QR records are automatically translated in the language of the emergency responder scanning the individual QR code, and is available in: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Portuguese.

SOS QR is a novel and unique emergency and personal safety tool in that:

  • It is for use anywhere in the world with its unique ability to immediately translate your emergency information in the language of the emergency responder coming to your rescue or emergency personnel who need immediate access to critical and lifesaving information.
  • It has been designed and developed with “privacy by default”- securely storing your personal information on your own phone to avoid privacy breach via a cyber-attack, with a de- identified/anonymous record in your secure cloud system for record sharing with emergency responders.
  • It includes an expert system embedded in the local application running on the user’s phone to guide the user to not forget critical health information based on the data they select when creating their record-and all of this locally on their phone to preserve the user’s privacy.

For all of its above unique features, this application has won multiple international innovation competitions, and will be prescribed by GPs in England to their patients starting in January 2018.