PraediGene is a laboratory workflow tool developed by Bitscopic and designed to allow users to electronically enter and track various medical lab tests. In addition to these core capabilities, PraediGene contains advanced computational biology features and interfaces with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

Once work items are entered, they are immediately available to all users for tracking, DNA analysis (when applicable), report generation, and generic workflow activities. PraediGene has the ability to associate and retrieve patient information directly from EHR systems. The DNA analysis features automatically predict and report resistance mutations given the organism’s genetic sequence. To ease reporting and transcription requirements, PraediGene is also able to generate “EHR friendly” input.

PraediGene Financial is an add-on component to PraediGene. PraediGene Financial consists of a dashboard along with invoicing and billing features (customized to the healthcare systems financial processing requirements). With the data generated in PraediGene, financial users can very quickly create invoices for tests performed.


  • Business Insights:

    • Real-Time Laboratory Insights
    • Robust ETL Pipeline + Application Data Enables New Insights
    • Administrative Views & Management Interfaces
  • Project Management:

    • Integrated Support & Ticketing Systems
    • Customizable Reports & Visualizations
  • End Users:

    • Plugins For EMR Integration Limit Manual Data Entry
    • Highly Flexible User Interface
    • Data Innovations (DI) Laboratory Instrument Messaging Capabilities
  • Notable Features:

    • Barcode Scanning EMR Integration
    • Configurable Rules-Based DNA Sequence Analysis
    • HIV & HCV Drug Resistance Reports
    • Integrated DNA Quality Control Checks
    • Downloadable Worklists
    • Flexible & Configurable User Interface

Homepage: PraediGene

Product Brief: Laboratory Workflow and Advanced Computational Biology