Why Use Open Source Software?

Matt Harley | Datamation | December 14, 2015

Almost everyday, someone within the open source community is talking about how folks should be using open source software. I completely agree with this point of view. To further dive into the issue, I'll share my opinion as to why using open source software offers significant advantages over proprietary alternatives.

Did you know that most people run their software because it allows them to accomplish a specific task, not because it runs on a particular operating system? While mobile users may be die-hard fans of their chosen platforms, when it comes to the desktop most people simply use what is familiar to them.

Some of the Mac users I know, for example, run OS X for the software and the user experience. When asked if the software and user experience could be offered elsewhere, these folks indicated to me that they'd happily move over to that platform if it were cheaper than a Mac. I've heard the same thing from Windows gamers – they stick around for the games, not for the platform itself...