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Mozilla Unveils ‘Aggressive’ Firefox OS Schedule: Quarterly Feature Releases, Security Updates Every Six Weeks

Emil Protalinski | TNW | July 20, 2013

With Firefox OS version 1.0 out the door, Mozilla has decided that it’s time to unveil its strategy for new versions. The company is planning to make feature releases available to partners every quarter and push out security updates for the previous two feature releases every six weeks. Read More »

So Many Android Devices. Too Few Updates.

Robert Vamosi | Computerworld | May 28, 2013

Only 25 percent of Android handsets have Jelly Bean installed, according to But nearly ten months after its initial release, shouldn't that adoption figure for Google's latest and most secure Android OS be much higher, especially given all the malware now targeting Androids?  Like most things it's complicated. Read More »

Why Use Open Source Software?

Matt Harley | Datamation | December 14, 2015

Almost everyday, someone within the open source community is talking about how folks should be using open source software. I completely agree with this point of view. To further dive into the issue, I'll share my opinion as to why using open source software offers significant advantages over proprietary alternatives. Did you know that most people run their software because it allows them to accomplish a specific task, not because it runs on a particular operating system? While mobile users may be die-hard fans of their chosen platforms, when it comes to the desktop most people simply use what is familiar to them...

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