3 Things You Can Do to End Police Killings and Fix the Criminal Justice System

Matthew Cooke | Huffington Post | December 10, 2014

...The reality is this: As an American you're way more likely to be shot by a police officer or arrested on false charges than you are to be attacked by a terrorist or contract ebola. And if you're black or brown, the chances increase exponentially. So it's good we're talking about issues that really affect us -- and not just distracted by the standard fare that sells commercial advertising on the 24-hour news cycle.

I hope you're all posting videos and writing stories to keep raising awareness. We intend to continue making documentary series and films and writing blogs about human rights. We'll be announcing another one soon. But all this talk is useless unless we band together and act. We've been inspired by breaking news sites like Ryot.org -- that connect journalism directly to grassroots groups and coalitions that give us a clear next step.

So following their lead we'd like to introduce you to three organizations and hope you get to know and support them. The first is the National Police Accountability Project. Their name speaks for itself. Bet you haven't heard of them. Neither had we until last week. Let's change that. They can't function without your help. Same goes for the Innocence Project who we mentioned earlier....