If You Think Cybersecurity Is 'Just An IT Problem,' Prepare To Get Owned

Frank Konkel | Nextgov.com | June 9, 2014

Steven Chabinsky recently painted a detailed portrait of today’s evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. It’s not pretty.

Aside from classified information, Chabinsky, who is chief risk officer of CrowdStrike and former deputy assistant director for the FBI's Cyber Division, held little back for the Akamai Government Forum on June 5. His keynote speech detailed vulnerabilities in next-generation automobiles – audio CDs containing preprogrammed malware could take over a vehicle’s acceleration and breaking – and outlined how next-generation ‘crypters’ are creating undetectable malware that essentially renders antivirus software moot. This malware could expose an organizations private information, shut down systems or quietly exfiltrate data that hackers with intent to harm would break the bank for.

In this new cyber landscape, even biomedical devices like insulin-injection pumps and pacemakers are potential targets to old adversaries – spies, criminals, warriors and terrorists – with new and advancing technologies...