A Revolution in Mobile Technologies is Taking Place in India

Anand Chandrasekaran | LinkedIn | May 26, 2014

Everyone knows India has changed in very obvious ways since the explosion of the technology economy. Most Indians have seen the gleaming office complexes in boomtown Bengaluru and the new world-class air terminals in Mumbai and Delhi.

But what most Indians haven’t seen first hand is the revolution that mobile technology is bringing about in the small towns and rural areas of India. Even the election of Narendra Modi has been called a win for social media.

After over a dozen years of working in the U.S., I joined the Indian workforce in April 2014. I was fortunate to spend a month traveling around the country on “market visits” – trips designed to meet mobile and broadband users and to understand their usage of technology. The journey provided a firsthand glimpse into the rapidly evolving story of the mobile Internet revolution happening in India today...