10 Things We Learned From Pew Research's Internet Of Things Report

Stuart Dredge | The Guardian | May 14, 2014

Health tech will boom but privacy effects may be ‘pernicious’. Oh, and ‘we will all have cyberservants’

It’s been fashionable to drop the phrase “Internet of Things” in tech circles for some time now, but what does it really mean? And just as importantly, what will its effects be in the years to come?

The Pew Research Center Internet Project and Elon University Imagining the Internet Center have been wondering the same thing. They did something about it, too: canvassing more than 1,600 experts about where the Internet of Things will be by 2025.

The resulting report, which was published this afternoon, is a balanced affair, giving plenty of space to Internet of Things sceptics warning about privacy and potential technical gremlins in a world of networked devices talking to one another, as well as exploring the potential benefits...