Skypotherapy : Zesty Guide To Online Medical Consultations

Lloyd Price | LinkedIn | May 3, 2014

Video calling has been around for a while now. It’s fast, it’s convenient and for many families and businesses, it’s become an essential part of daily life. For the healthcare industry, however, scepticism surrounding the safety of remote technology has prevented patients and medical professionals from accessing the key benefits remote care has to offer.

Used on a much wider scale, video calling could reduce waiting times, cut missed appointment rates, increase efficiency and improve access to healthcare for those who need it most. Video calling services such as Skype are free to use for anyone with an Internet connection and considering over 80% of us now have access to high speed Internet, why are these appointments still considered a novelty in the UK?

Who could benefit from video consultations?

Patients who do not require a physical examination are best suited to Skype calling, for example people being treated for depression. These patients also have a need for regular access to mental health professionals and may prefer to hold these conversations in the privacy and comfort of their own home...