Health 3.0 Is Holistic

Julie Steele | O'Reilly Data | January 29, 2014

If Health 2.0 meant adding devices, then the next wave means incorporating more than just technology

First there was health, which basically consisted of not dying, and also of being able to work and live alone (if need be) and generally function productively. Then there was Health 2.0, in which we added all kinds of gadgets—wrist bands, back bands, sleep monitors, calorie counters—in an attempt to quantify and alter our behavior patterns. But we were still completely focused on the body, and largely ignored the mind.

Health 3.0 is holistic. That means that it incorporates ideas not only about physical well-being, but also about mental well-being. It understands that the mind and body are deeply connected—even though there is still much we fail to understand about the brain. If nothing else, Health 3.0 takes into account that stress is a real thing, with real physical and chemical consequences. Reducing stress and seeking a life of balance is core to the next wave of health care.

In technology circles, we are at both an advantage and a disadvantage when it comes to implementing this next wave. Our advantage is that we understand and appreciate data; we’re prepared with our Health 2.0 sensors and accessories, prepared to deploy them in the name of something even newer and better. [...]