Breaking Down The Inertia Around Android And iOS Innovation

Haydn Shaughnessy | Forbes | July 20, 2013

As Android closes in on 1 billion activations, the companies grouped around Mozilla’s Firefox OS are asking how, and over what period of time, can we break down the Google/Apple OS duopoly?

I got talking earlier this week to Dan Appelquist, of Spanish carrier Telefonica, a keen supporter of Firefox OS, about why we smartphone users should care.

The companies that have rallied around Mozilla and Firefox OS tend to be European and Asian. Telefonica of Spain and Deutsche Telekom are two of the main carriers involved and Mozilla initially announced that LG Electronics,  Huawei, ZTE, and TCL Corporation committed to making Firefox OS devices. From the outset product launches were planned in Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Venezuela.