Teaching The Open Source Creative Tool, Blender, To High School Students

Phil Shapiro | OpenSource.com | May 7, 2013

Blender is a powerful open source 3D drawing and animation program. This software was previously a commercial product, but is now available as a free download. Blender has been used to create stunningly beautiful 3D animated videos, including Big Buck Bunny. Check out some of the gorgeous animated movies made with Blender at the web site's Features Gallery.

People tell me Blender is very versatile, so I was curious to discover that Blender is being taught to high school students in White Plains, New York, via a new digital arts training company, The Digital Arts  Experience (The DAE). The company describes themselves in this way:

We are a hands-on creative learning company in White Plains, New York. Our goal is to enhance and improve the digital skills of our community. This includes 3D Animation and additional courses such as: Photography, Graphic Design, 2D animation, visual effects, video design and web design. We teach both young adults and adults by working directly with them in the classroom.