Mobile Health: Human API Helps Developers Enter The New Growth Market

Mark Boyd | ProgrammableWeb | July 16, 2013

The release of the Human API may help untangle the complex web of big data, insurance standards, health care sensors, and disease causal pathways that currently prevents many developers from designing health applications. The Human API offers a platform to make human health data available through a RESTful interface, using OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Founder Andrei Pop told ProgrammableWeb:

“The idea is to create an infrastructure for all human health data, not just quantified self. We are focused on health data, and we work on the healthcare side of things as well. We are exploring many projects and ideas. Part of the reason we started by building an API is that we want to let other people build really interesting use cases that are relevant to them on top of these data sets.

Industry analysts like GlobalData predict that the worldwide mobile health market will be worth $11.8 billion by 2018.