An Automated Routine Childhood Immunization Approach Using OpenEHR

Z. Liu, N. Qamar, and J. Qian | United Nations University (UNU) | July 9, 2013


This project studies a working but manual immunization system in place in Pakistan, subject to concerns such as poor record-keeping, reaching targeted children and unavailability of latest census. We propose an openEHR-based solution, called Lightweight Electronic Traceable and Updatable System (LETUS), which aims at increasing childhood immunization coverage and traceability. Two key modules of the solution include: (1) a service that collects the data from the immunization workers, computes population estimates for particular regions, and creates alerts if the ratio of vaccinations over population in a region falls outside a certain range (over or under), and (2) several “thin client” modules where workers can enter their collected data and receive feedback about the current coverage in their region.  [...]