Join The Movement : Open Source Drug Discovery

Priyank Trivedi | CoolAge | December 25, 2012

OSDD or Open Source Drug Discovery is a community of students, scientists, researchers, academicians, institutions, corporations and anyone who is committed to discovery of drugs in an open source mode. It promotes collaborative scientific developments through integration, open-sharing, taking up multifaceted approaches and accruing benefits from advances on different fronts of new drug discovery. Numerous academic and research institutions along with industries are partnering with CSIR in Open Source Drug Discovery Project to take the movement forward and spread the awareness that it rightly deserves.

The Open Source Model is a trend which builds upon the community participation and therefore it has the potential to self-sustain continuous development by generating a storehouse of alternatives towards continued pursuit for new drug discovery.

It is fascinating to note that "Open Source" in itself has multifaceted approach which accrues benefits to larger section of society. Being a GLUG, I am proud to support a movement such as OSSD. In the past as well, various attempts have been made to promote the Open Source movement and how a student can contribute towards the open source community...