Open Source Is Eating The Software World

Michael S. | LinkedIn | April 19, 2013

It's been said software is eating the world. This year’s Future of Open Source survey points to the fact that open source is eating the software world. This is due to a significant shift as to why open source is chosen over proprietary alternatives and because of major advantages open source has in quality, security and innovation.

First some background. Well over a decade ago as an entrepreneur, I experienced the power of open source when it provided a solution to a critical development deadline for one of my engineering teams. Now, as a venture capitalist, it’s a pleasure to be part of its evolution - investing in open source leaders and innovators, and helping to drive awareness and potential for open innovation in the industry.

This week, together with over 30 collaborators and industry leaders we are announcing our seventh annual Future of Open Source Survey results. With insights from more than 800 respondents (from customers, vendors and the community), this year’s survey was the largest yet. And the results are inspiring.