Vets Views: VA Health Care Web Application Give Immediate Access To Medical Files

Greg Remus | Park Rapids Enterprise | November 10, 2012

The VA has developed an incredible personalized Health Care Web application. Recently the VA revamped the My HealtheVet site. This site is amazing! Now veterans have immediate access to their VA medical information and more.

My HealtheVet is a VA web-based personal health record that gives Veterans information and tools to improve their health. Veterans can (read only) access their VA medical records from home, can communicate directly with their medical team, and access more than 18 million pages of health information from the site’s Health Education Library, plus much more.

I visited the site after being told the site was dramatically improved. I found that my information was there, it was accurate and most important even I could find what I was looking for. The three most popular features are prescription management, e-mail with your medical team and finally tracking your health care. First is the Rx Refill feature. Once online you can see the list of your prescriptions and your prescriptions history. Refilling is requested by a click of the button. This results in your prescriptions being mailed to your home...