Readmissions 'Drop Like A Rock' With Predictive Modeling

Scott Mace | HealthLeaders Media | October 8, 2013

Predictive modeling offers the key to understanding which healthcare services most affect utilization, readmissions, and payment, and how to tackle the outliers. These analytics are within the grasp of any healthcare system.

Somewhere out there, a hospital near you may be figuring out the technological secret to significantly lowering readmissions.

It isn't a secret easily uncovered, it takes hard work, and it takes working smart. But it can be done.

"Our admits and readmits have dropped like a rock," says Pamela Peele, PhD, chief analytics officer of the UPMC Insurance Services Division. UPMC is the short name for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and Peele is one of two presenters in my October 28 HealthLeaders webcast.