TeamForge Release Puts Git, Subversion on Equal Footing

David Rubinstein | SD Times | June 25, 2012

CollabNet today released version 6.2 of its TeamForge application life-cycle development and management solution that the company says puts Git and Subversion on equal footing in the enterprise platform. The new release also delivers on increased integration, visibility and reporting for agile ALM, according to Lothar Schubert, as well as tighter integrations with and orchestration of cloud services for better management, planning and reporting across platforms.

Brian Zeichick, product manager at CollabNet, said TeamForge uses the company’s Connect framework to integrate with Git, code-review tools Gerrit and Review Board, and Black Duck’s Code Sight, which helps automate code search and discovery of open-source assets. “Developers prefer to work off tickets, and traditionally would have to hard-code the correlations between Review Board and the tracker,” he said. “With this release, developers can now associate any review with the actual ticket artifact.”...