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CHOP's Harvest Toolkit Offers Innovative Data Discovery Resource For Biomedical Researchers

Press Release | The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) | October 16, 2013

A team of informatics experts and biomedical researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers a new software toolkit to help researchers explore complex data sets without having to become database technicians themselves. Harvest is an open-source highly interactive framework designed by CHOP's Center for Biomedical Informatics. Read More »

HIX Analytics: 5 Steps Toward Real-Time Visibility

John Criswell | Government Health IT | September 9, 2013

On its own, healthcare is creating a data deluge, and analytics are evolving fast to bring value to many domains. Different solutions are required to be successful in the upcoming commercial health insurance exchanges (HIX) in which high-quality coding of diagnosis data becomes the currency for payment. Read More »

New Release: TeamForge 6.2- Integration, Visibility, and Reporting

Lothar Schubert | CollabNet | June 25, 2012

It’s exciting times for CollabNet customers. Today, CollabNet announced the release of TeamForge 6.2, with a heavy emphasis on integration, visibility and reporting.  Most notably also, this latest platform release enables leading Enterprise Git  and ‘Hybrid SCM’ (Git & Subversion) management, on-premises and in the cloud. Read More »

TeamForge Release Puts Git, Subversion on Equal Footing

David Rubinstein | SD Times | June 25, 2012

CollabNet today released version 6.2 of its TeamForge application life-cycle development and management solution that the company says puts Git and Subversion on equal footing in the enterprise platform. Read More »

The Death Of The Academic Book And The Path To Open Access

Roxanne Missingham | The Conversation | October 22, 2013

Is publishing academic books a dying trade? And if so, are free e-books from universities likely to deal the final blow? Read More »

Think Like Linux, Act Like UPS, Smile Like Amazon: Toward Open Source Logistics

Phil Granof | Wired | January 22, 2014

What does one do when quality, quantity, and complexity collide? For that is the conundrum of large enterprises facing the vast resources available in the world of open source software (OSS). GitHub, the largest online code-hosting site, lists 10.2 million repositories, and Black Duck, the company for which I work, tracks 30 billion lines of open source code. Read More »