The Quality of Open Source Code Increases Adoption

Jason Hibbets | | June 19, 2012

Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) attendees are not only learning about new trends in open source, but also hearing the results of the Future of Open Source Software Survey. The survey results were announced during a panel discussion of experts led by Michael Skok, General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners. Skok lead the discussion of the results and the panel talked about what’s driving industry innovation.

The panel made several references to the previous keynote by Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat, talking about why source code is still relevant and the value of information. Joining Skok on the panel discussion was Tom Erickson, CEO of Acquia, Ryan Garner, vice president of direct to consumer at Warner Music Group, Tim Yeaton, CEO of Black Duck Software, and Gil Yehuda, director of open source, open standard at Yahoo!, Inc.

The full report of the survey was made available during the panel, and the analysis of the data was the meat of the discussion. Here were a few points that seemed to resonate with the audience...