Calculating Barack Obama's Geek Quotient

Elspeth Reeve and Rebecca Greenfield | Atlantic Wire | June 14, 2012

Does Barack Obama's have "very high" "geek quotient" as chief technology officer -- a.k.a official White House geek -- Todd Park claimed today in a CNN interview? It is one thing to do things that one might consider geeky, it is quite another to score "very high" on the official geek scale. Park claims Obama deserves this "very high" ranking as a "a hugely enthusiastic proponent of the power of data, technology and innovation to advance national priorities," he told CNN's undefined. But being a real-deal geek involves a total embodiment of nerd-culture. Does Obama have that kind of dork-cred? Let's take a look.

In order to quantify Obama's geek quotient, we took a look at all the things that might give him geek-cred. In order to earn a "very high" on the geek-o-meter, at least half of Obama's nerd-activities would have to qualify as "High-Geeky." Let's see how he does.