"Super Symptom Checker" - Do It Yourself Doctoring – Wish List

Tom Garz | TG Ideas | November 8, 2008

...Wow, it's been nearly 5 years since I first posted this "Super Symptom Checker".  Here's a few more additions for 2013....

  • Since emotions affect physical symptoms, I'd also like to add Emotional Stress and Pain as Vital Signs.  Here's an idea for a Medical Monitor that considers Emotional Stress and/or Pain.
  • I'd also like to see "Lay Health Workers" available to guide a person in using the Super Symptom Checker, providing health information, helping the user find support resources, etc.  These Lay Health Workers could be onsite or the user could connect via Internet (Tele-medicine)
  • As long as I'm asking - I'd like to see Lay Health Workers be trained in finding consumer health information.  Many times people just have questions on their health care - and end up going to the doctor, urgent care, emergency room, etc. - or worse yet, go without care.  I think people want to know what they're taking and why now.  Here's a start - Librarians with Borders.
  • Oops, one more - I'd like to see Symptom Checkers access the knowledge base of Hesperian Health Guides - giving easy-to-understand health information in various languages worldwide.
  • Of course, health professionals are available as needed or wanted, if available and affordable, either in person or via tele-medicine.