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"Super Symptom Checker" - Do It Yourself Doctoring – Wish List

Tom Garz | TG Ideas | November 8, 2008

...Wow, it's been nearly 5 years since I first posted this "Super Symptom Checker".  Here's a few more additions for 2013....Since emotions affect physical symptoms, I'd also like to add Emotional Stress and Pain as Vital Signs...

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Docs Vastly Outperform Computer Algorithms in Diagnostic Accuracy

Greg Slabodkin | Health Data Management | October 13, 2016

The maxim “doctors know best” is getting support from a new study led by Harvard Medical School researchers that shows physicians made a correct diagnosis more than twice as often as 23 commonly used symptom checkers—websites and apps that help patients with self-diagnosis. The study’s results, published October 10 in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, are being touted as the first direct comparison between human-made and computer-based diagnoses...

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