OpenMRS v.1.9.7 now available

OpenMRS 1.9.7 has been released. This is a maintenance release for OpenMRS 1.9.x which fixes a number of known bugs.  Over 650 downloads of OpenMRS were logged during the first week after it was released.  Approximately 20% of the downloads were from the country of Sri Lanka. For download instructions and details on this release, have a look at the release notes.

OpenMRS is a free, 'open source' electronic medical record (EMR) system. All of the core resources used in OpenMRS are open source and freely available. OpenMRS is programmed in Java and the core application works through a web-browser. The back end database is currently in MySQL.

OpenMRS has posted its plans to further enhance the system over time on the Road Map page in the OpenMRS Wiki. The OpenMRS Developers Guide is also posted there.  You may also want to see and try out the OpenMRS Demo. Finally, don't forget to take a look at the OpenMRS Atlas to see all the locations where OpenMRS is being implemented around the world.

OpenMRS remains a work in progress – continuously being improved by a global community of developers and healthcare providers using the system. If you want to know what is scheduled to be included in the planned OpenMRS 2.0 release, go to

For more news and information about OpenMRS and other 'open source' eHealth  solutions, go to Open Health News (OHN).