You Can Help Veterans In Just 2 Minutes

Staff Writer | Conservative Musings | March 31, 2013

To someone on the outside, the answer is clear: The DoD simply should adopt VistA, the Veteran's Affair's electronic health record. Here's why:

1) The DoD currently uses AHLTA, an electronic health record (EHR) that was developed using over 4 billion dollars of taxpayers' money. It is horrible and cannot communicate with VistA, the VA's EHR.  Thus, the 4 billion dollar AHLTA is being replaced.

2) The VistA system is a great EHR system and is partly responsible for the VA's reputation of giving great health care to veterans. What? The VA has a great reputation for delivering great health care? Yes, and study after study in medical journals have proved their outcomes are better than most, if not all of the private healthcare systems in the US. My father, now 90 years old, loves the care he receives from the VA. 20 years ago, opponents of single payer government healthcare used to always say, "If you want an example of government run healthcare, just look at the VA." They never say that anymore.