MUMPS For VistA For Programmers Course Taught By Greg Kreis May 15-19, 2013

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Open Source Event
May 15, 2013 (All day) - May 19, 2013 (All day)
Gold Room, Johnson Center, George Mason University Fairfax, VA
United States

MUMPS for Programmers -

This four and a half day course introduces a programmer to the MUMPS language and teaches its effective use in creating real applications in the VA's VistA setting. Greg is the person the VA hires to teach its new programmers. It is rarely if ever possible to sign up for his courses as they are usually closed except to unless a company hires Greg to teach a block of 10-24 people at once.

In some areas, MUMPS is like many computer languages, providing no surprises. In others, however, it can take a while to get the ‘zen’ of MUMPS and how to work with, instead of against, its powerful features. This course helps the student to eliminate many hours of trial and error experimentation by providing insights and many examples from Greg Kreis' many years of MUMPS programming experience in the VA.

Along the way, various programming strategies are demonstrated and compared to help the student know when and how to apply them.

In addition to his lively teaching techniques, Greg uses animated Flash movies, to illustrate key concepts. These mini-movies help students quickly grasp the concepts and stay interested in the course. Don't bring your pillow.

Topics covered include:

Elements and grammar of MUMPS
Data storage in MUMPS
Details of the MUMPS programming environment
Common MUMPS programming patterns
Detailed review of VA programming standards
MUMPS symbol table management strategies
Advanced data storage and retrieval strategies
Indirection and its effective use
Modular programming in MUMPS
Using VistA libraries
Review of best practices in production MUMPS programs

Daily, extensive hands-on exercises give students ample opportunity to absorb the course content. Students are encouraged to take their assignment applications back to their site for further experimentation.

Students should have enough exposure to programming that they are at ease with fundamental computer programming concepts (algorithms, modular/component design, flow of execution control, etc.).

Students are encouraged to become familiar with the fundamentals of the VPE programmer environment.

Materials Three-ring binder of lessons and exercises will be provided.

The VistA Community Meeting immediately follows these courses, Monday, May 20 through Wednesday, May 22. All days of the VistA Community Meeting will be full days, up until 5 PM (i.e., No half day on the last day as was done in the past).

The courses fee will held May 15-19 t George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia, Room 162 in the Research building. The registration fee is $1050 which includes lunch.

The registration link is here:

For questions contact nancy at worldvista dot org

Rooms for $89 plus tax are available at the

Comfort Inn University Center
11180 Fairfax Blvd. AsK for the VistA Community Meeting - GMU
Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Discount
(703) 591-5900

Free Shuttle to GMU and Metro if scheduled. CUE bus (not free) route also includes GMU campus and Metro at the corner of the block in front of the hotel. Free Internet, WiFi and Continental Breakfast are included.