MrPUP Medicare dataset released to public, maps provider-referred procedures in the outpatient setting.

Press Release | DocGraph, CareSet Systems | May 10, 2016

WASHINGTON, May 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today DocGraph and CareSet Systems announced the release of the Medicare Referring Provider Utilization for Procedures (MrPUP) dataset at the Health Datapalooza conference. The MrPUP dataset details healthcare procedures that Medicare providers referred in the outpatient setting in 2014, and is particularly useful to understand how specific doctors use blood tests, CT scans, and MRIs to diagnose patients. MrPUP is the first Medicare dataset released by a private company directly to the public.

The MrPUP dataset and documentation are available at through both an open-source-eventually "viral" license and a commercial-friendly license.

Susannah Fox, CTO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said, "We need as many people as possible to contribute to the quest to better understand - and positively impact - our health care system. DocGraph's work is emblematic of how we welcome citizens, journalists, and entrepreneurs in our pursuit of shared innovation goals."

Fred Trotter, co-founder of DocGraph and CareSet, said, "MrPUP is the first product derived from CMS' Virtual Resource Data Center, which creates a framework for private organizations to work with CMS data and provide new datasets for public use. This release is particularly exciting because it represents another step in opening up access to Medicare and Medicaid data in a manner that protects patient privacy. Through CareSet, we're already seeing the value this data can bring to the market."

CareSet offers in-depth analysis, visualizations and insights from MrPUP, including an exclusive 2015 version of the MrPUP dataset. This dataset is one of several unreleased CMS-sourced datasets currently available from CareSet.

MrPUP honors the CMS requirements for public release of data sets derived from patient data, which specifically requires cohort sizes of 11 patients or higher. This standard is higher than the one mandated for data releases under HIPAA.

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CareSet Systems ( provides Data Science as a Service that enables healthcare executives to leverage unreleased Medicare claims data to evaluate current provider networks and identify new opportunities for physician outreach, no integration necessary. The platform also supports strategic planning, and helps executives evaluate markets in advance of risk-sharing contracts, M&A, and vertical integration.