Americans Still Battling Unexpected Medical Bills

Jidde Plas | Capital Wired | September 21, 2014

Putting Americans at extreme risk of death is the menace of unexpected medical bills. Officials and experts in the field point to the fact that these unexpected costs can overwhelm the patient.

Six figure unexpected medical bills hit one bank manager who underwent a treatment in December 2013. The patient did his due diligence regarding his coverage prior to treatment but an unexpected bill from an assistant surgeon derailed everything. In this case the patient had done his homework but the additional fees from the assistant surgeon came as quite a surprise placing the man in jeopardy. His insurance group was to protect him for any out of network costs citing that he was not at fault here and they had paid the sum. Of surprise was that the assistant surgeon’s attorney threatened to sue if the patient did not send the check paid out by the insurance company. The patient had hoped to barter with the surgeon for a lower cost thus saving money. It didn’t work.

These scenarios of unexpected bills are almost unavoidable. Even people who are policy savvy can find themselves in the quagmire of unexpected medical bills as not all is transparent from the hospital...