Denmark's New Continua-Compliant National Health IT Reference Architecture Available In English

Press Release | Continua Health Alliance | September 23, 2013

Monday, 23 September 2013

Denmark has issued an English-language translation of its national health IT reference architecture, which mandates compliance with Continua's Design Guidelines for interoperability of devices, systems and services in personal connected health. Denmark became the first nation ever to formally adopt Continua's Design Guidelines as part of a national healthcare system when it published its National Action Plan for Telemedicine last year.

"The English-language translation provides a practical, accessible example of how to implement Continua's Guidelines that other nations can draw upon when considering the issue of interoperability within their national health IT infrastructure," said Clint McClellan, President and Chairman of Continua. "We are already in discussions with several other nations," he added.

Reference Architecture for Collecting Health Data from Citizens was published by Denmark's National e-Health Authority in June 2013 and in part, defines the technical requirements for communication between monitoring devices and application hosting devices across personal and local-area networks, as well as wide-area network communication infrastructure in accordance with Continua's Design Guidelines. Key sections of text address:

  • Denmark's overall technical architecture requirements and goals for collecting health data; technological trends and the ICT landscape as it pertains to the reference architecture
  • Continua's end-to-end framework
  • Checklist of Important Properties, presented as a list of questions to ask about any solution aiming to comply with the reference architecture
  • Checklist for Implementation of the Solution that aids in defining organizational and data processing agreements necessary to facilitate a successful rollout

"The English-language translation will help Denmark in preparing and attracting bidders to fulfill its tenders, and is an important 'go-to' document for any government entity considering a mandate for interoperability," said McClellan.

Reference Architecture for Collecting Health Data from Citizens is available online.

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