Adobe’s Open Innovation Concept and the Impact of Open Reach Development

Press Release | Adobe Systems, Legal IQ | July 26, 2012

Legal IQ: Hello, and welcome to this IQPC podcast presented by Legal IQ in conjunction with the forthcoming Sixth Annual Patent Congress. The Patent Congress is due to take place this September. Today we're joined by Dave McAllister, Director of Open Source at Adobe Systems. We've got in this call Mikk Putk, Patent Attorney, Patent searcher and Partner at Sarap & Partners Patent Agency, also owner of the IP Insiders blog, together with Stephen Jenei, Editor in Chief of Patent Baristas Blog and Patent Attorney and Owner of Jenei LLC.

Now, if you'd all like to maybe introduce yourselves and give a brief overview of your current responsibilities at the moment. So first let's start with Dave. Just tell us a little bit about your current role and remit.

D McAllister: Hi. I'm Dave McAllister. I'm the Director of Open Source, as was announced, for Adobe Systems. I've been with Adobe for about six years and have seen a number of changes happen during this period time in Adobe's use of both open source and open development. I also manage accessibility, so I deal with a lot of policy from that side, and deal with a number of the standards organizations here as well, so I get to spend a lot of time worrying about the topics of today's conference.

Legal IQ: Yes. Great introduction. Thank you. And, Mikk, if you'd just like to give a brief overview of what you're responsible for at the moment.

M Putk: Hello, everybody. Greetings from rainy Estonia. I'm an Estonian patent attorney and partner of small patent agency. We work mainly with local technology companies and start-ups and we help to protect intellectual property in Estonia and abroad. Thank you.

Legal IQ: Thanks very much, Mikk. And finally, Stephen, if you'd just like to introduce yourself to the listeners.

Stephen Jenei: Yes. I'm Stephen Jenei. I'm the owner of Jenei LLC, which is a patent and intellectual property law firm, and also the Editor of Patent Baristas, a blog on intellectual property issues.

Legal IQ: Thank you. It's great to have all three of you here today. Now, let's just give an overview of what we're going to discuss. We're going to cover Adobe's open innovation system first and foremost and also the ongoing debate versus the Adobe Flash Player and HTML5. Then we'll move onto Adobe's open screen Project and the impact and reach of open development that Adobe's embracing, such as Flex, Brackets and the PhoneGap. So to start, let's turn to Mikk, who's going to open with a couple of questions. Mikk, over to you.

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The 6th Annual Global Patent Congress will take place 24th – 26th September 2012 at the Mogens Dahl Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark. For information please visit, email [email protected] or call 0207 368 9300.