CloudOpen Keynote Q&A: OpenStack's Maffulli Says Open Cloud is New Frontier of Innovation

Jennifer Cloer | The Linux Foundation | August 2, 2012

OpenStack's Stefano Maffulli is on the opening keynote panel at CloudOpen Wednesday morning August 29. He will be joined by Mark Hinkle from Citrix, Greg DeKoenigsberg from Eucalyptus and John Mark Walker from Red Hat on a panel titled "What is the Open Cloud: Stacks, Platforms and Open Source." Mafulli was generous to take time out of his busy schedule as Community Manager at OpenStack to share his ideas on what is an open cloud and what's new with his project.

You are participating in a keynote panel about cloud stacks and platforms that will explore what is the open cloud. Can you give us a teaser of the position you plan to take as one of the keynote panelists?

Maffulli: 'Open Cloud' is a new term. Like 'open source' at the time it needs a clear definition or we risk it becoming an empty one. OpenStack defined very early in the process three basic tenets for developing software and its community....