More on the 'Open Health Movement'

The open source movement that started several decades ago has slowly morphed into something much bigger - a comprehensive global 'Open Movement'. The movement now encompasses open source, open access, open data, open standards, open hardware, as well as open business models, open government, open leadership, and much more.

This huge social movement has begun to have a major impact on multiple industries or sectors of the economy. Just look at the growing level of activity associated with Open Health, Open Education, Open Government, Open Agriculture, etc.  See the COSI Open Technologies & Solutions web site.

There are now literally tens of millions of people around the world actively involved in the 'Open Health Movement'.  The movement has slowly grown in scope and strength over the past decades to become a major force helping to reshape the world we live in, the way we do business, and improving healthcare being provided to hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

Here at Open Health News, we have also been slowly shifting our coverage from news about open source health IT systems to the more comprehensive Open Health Movement. We now cover topics such as open access, open data, open standards, and open business models in the healthcare sector. Use our 'search engine' to see the many articles, news clips, studies, and links to resources related to these topics.

Stay tuned. We will shortly be publishing a more comprehensive feature story on the growing 'Open Health Movement'.