OpenClinica Launches New Website Feature Rich Motor On Drupal

Press Release | OpenClinica, Isover | March 8, 2011

“We are delighted that the site is online and delivered on our expectations,” said Chakib Mostafa, Senior Advisor Isover. “In addition to Drupal, there are many other powerful technologies that work under the hood. Perhaps our greatest achievement has been to integrate all this.”

The new site is actually two different web sites but fully integrated, information and resources to the OpenClinica open source community (over 12,000 members) and the other for the business of OpenClinica. These sites in turn are integrated with three important properties of other sites the company operates a library of peer-report forms case, a site for software management and issue tracking, and a collection soon to be published materials and interactive resources for users of OpenClinica software.

The whole system has a single login and other features that help coordinate the thousands of user accounts and workflow between these systems. Some features of the site include:

  • The ability for a user to connect to a site and be connected simultaneously to other sites
  • Integration and synchronization of e-mail discussion forum with the online forum discussion style sheet.
  • Product demonstrations in real time user-centric
  • Integrated Social Media
  • E-commerce services• Profiles of EU Member
  • Skills in handling events
  • Wiki sites for documentation and other resources
  • Advanced Search
  • Tracking Number / Ticket
  • Integration with CRM and marketing automation

When asked how he felt the new system, OpenClinica, CEO of Cal Collins, said: “This monumental undertaking, has introduced a highly capable and scalable infrastructure that is already helping to better support the rapid growth in all sectors of our activities on air quality open source software. we would not be able to get this done anywhere near as fast or the same price, or the same level of integration. ”